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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Chopta - Part 1

notice: the pics here r very small as compared to their original size. if u want to have the original size pics (5MPix resolution) for your desktops or just for the ehck of it, then u can email me. i will mail u the original size pics back.

hi all,

last weekend i had gone to the Chopta area. contrary to what many ppl said, it was possible in 1 weekend. add an extra day for leaving n going to chennai.

chopta is situated in the rudraprayag district of garhwal in uttaranchal. it is near the kedarnath area. it is actualy a small bend in the road which is habited only during the summers. some way up from chopta is the tungnath temple, the highest temple of lord shiva. above that is the chandrashila peak. on another hill near chopta is the saari village. from saari village there is a straight climb to deoria tal (pronounced: devaria tal). this lake is mentioned in the mahabahrata. trhe pandavas came here searching for water. yaksha had asked them all some questions and they did not bother to answer. instead they straight away headed to drink the water. all of them died, except yudhishtira, who had the patience n wisdom to answer yaksh'a philosophical questions.

the tour plan was like this:

wed night - chennai to mumbai
fri morning - mum to del. del to haridwar (shatabdi). haridwar to srinagar (bus). srinagar to rudraprayag (bus). rudraprayag to chopta (jeep)
sat - chopta to tungnath to chnadrashila and back. then drive to saari village. trek again to deoriya tal. back to saari. drive back to augstmuni.
sun - augstmuni to rpg. rpg to haridwar. sleep n visit har ki pauri at haridwar. night bus to del.
mon - morning flight to chennai.

on the way from haridwar. the hills come into sight

stopping for snacks at deoprayag

leaving srinagar

on the way to rudraprayag
clearing a landslide

ppl having snacks on the roadside. a cute dog is also there.


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