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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Chopta - Part 2

at around 6:30 in the evening i reached rudraprayag (rpg) mkt. the expenses till now were:

bus from haridwar to srinagar = 125 bucks
bus from srinagar to rudraprayag = 25 bucks
lunch at deoprayag = 10 bucks
1 kg 'adoo' at deoprayag = 20 bucks

rpg mkt has many other jeeps but none would go to chopta at this time. so i decided to book a full jeep. in haridwar they were saying jeep charges r 800 per day + 10 bucks per km. in rpg i asked them for a jeep till sat night or sun morning (today was friday). it's total charge was 3500 bucks. now the driver will look after himself.

mr. jagdish singh negi was my driver. he took off in his jeep. we stopped at augstmuni. his house is over there n he took soem blankets for the higher reaches. then we went off, without stopping, till we reached chakrata. the path was very beautiful. however, due to the darkness, we could not enjoy it. negi g is a pretty skilled driver n he brought me to chakrata without any scares, through the thick jungle path.

we reached chopta at 9 pm and stopepd next to the closed gmvnl guest house. there was a small dhabha with rooms n a toilet. they also had electricity running via a generator. so i charged my camera batteries. we had a dinner of roti, pahadi aloo (yummy), butter, acghaar and daal. i had such good rotis after a long long time.

there werre 2 bhotia dogs also over there - kaloo and sheroo. sheroo is the elder and more serious one. kaloo is young, jumps around a lot .. more so for biscuits. i gacve them a pack of biscuits that night. pretty soon, both i and negi g dozed off to sleep.

rpg taxi stop

evening - dusk. snow cald hills come into view.

finally we reach chopta. it is dark n cold with a lovely view of the stars.

cooking dinner.

kaloo - the young pooch

sheroo - the senior pooch


Anonymous Ashirvad Rai said...

Hi Prashant,

Please let me know if the August month is good for a trip to Chopta Tunganath and Chandrashila. Also let me know if the trip can be done in 3 days.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008 at 11:52:00 PM GMT+5:30  

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