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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Chopta - Part 5

i also met 2 sadhus who were also on their way to tungnath. they gave me some very good company. one of them was going all the way up totally barefeet. now this is true devotion.

one of the sadhujis had a surprising GK. on seeing my camera he started discussing about SLR lenses with me. he also told me to check out Burma Bazaar in chennai for such items.

check the pic above. sadhuji climbing without any shoes/sandals. and we r approaching 12K feet. it's really amazing how they manage to live like this.

now chaukhamba came into full view. it is called so coz of its shape which is liek 4 peaks or 4 pillars (chau = 4, khamba = pillar).

now the sun was shining down on us well n truly. just check out one of the images below. u can see my reflection on the slopes as i am clicking a snap :-)


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