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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Chopta - PArt 8

after tungnath, there is anotherclimb of about 2 kms to the top. on a sunny day u can se the peak. however, it was pretty cloudy and so we could not enjoy the views so much. still, even the fog was beautiful (u don't even get a light mist in chennai :-( ).

here is a pic of a small flower. there were many flowers growing on the slopes .trees do not grow at such heights. in the mist is the peak behind this flower.

i saw a hyena in the distance. but it was a bit too far away, i was too slow to get the camera out n it was very foggy. so could not get it's pic.

there was a small temple at the top. behind thetemple were some small rock structures, piled one on top of the other. jagdish told me that they are kept in the memory of the ppl who had dies. it is a common practice among the ppl who live here. we rested on the peak for some time back and then came back.

while coming back i met a "thin" man near tungnath. he wanted to climb to the top. so he asked for the details like air pressure, altitude sickness, etc. dude, relax yaar. we just came back, do we look like lacking oxygen.
but then he just remarked, "how the hell did u climb?? u r so fat!!!"...grrrr.....
anywyas, he could not climb to the top. serves him right :-)))

there was lots of fog while we came back. however, this was was looking equally beautiful inthe fog also. such places r good in all types of weather : summer, winters, spring, autumn, rains, clear skies, loaded skies, .. u name it - but the beauty of this place is here to stay :-)

while coming back, we decided to skip the long winding turns. instead, at many places, we just headed "straight" down the mountain. for jagdish daaju, i guess it was easy. but i resembled a roly-poly ball going downhill.

we reached chopta at around 1:30 pm. we decided to leave for saari village quickly. the shopkeeper was not there. so we had to wait for some time. anywyas, he came after some time. so we paid him the bill n left (i was leaving with a heavy heart .. wanted to stay here for at least a 1000 more years).

total distance covered since morning = 6+6 = 12 kms.

this is the sari village. from here the path to deoriya (pronounce: devariya) tal is a straight climb for around 3 kms.

this is the straight climb up. can get a bit exhausting.

there r lots of rhododendron (buransh) trees on the way

finally, after 1hr, 15 mins of climbing, we came upon deoriya tal. there r 2 or 3 places where the path branches off, but then they all merge into the original path again. so do not worry about getting lost. all roads lead to deoriya :-))).


Anonymous bhupendra kunwar said...

nice pics prashant..I had been to chopta late December last year while the way to tungnath-chandrashila was snow covered and so beautiful to be exlained. the another face of the same trek in green cover is equally wonderful...

Wednesday, October 3, 2007 at 3:04:00 PM GMT+5:30  

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