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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Part 1.2 M to M

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day 2

i got up early in the morning to catch the sunrise over the himalayas....guess that is the only thing for which i can get up willingly. i have to get up early to reach office in time, but that is more out of compulsion rather than choice. but the beauty of the most majestic mountains in the world is so luring and attractive, that getting up at 4:00 am in the morning is a pleasure.

well, it was dark outside, so i took some snaps with the time value of the lens lowered (the shutter speed decreases). after some time smira also got up and got ready. then we went to the edge of the ridge next to the guest house. there were some tea plantations around us. the sight that greeted us was really special. nanda devi, nada kot, panchchuli, nanda ghunti and trishul were also waking up. the sunlight was descending on the peaks, turning them from white to golden yellow. awesome!!! the sun rises from the far east....behind the mountains that form the indo-nepal border. these peaks are to our north. and their eastern faces get lit up first. the camera was working overtime, with a rapid shuffle of the lenses. this time we tried a long range, 200 mm fixed focal length USM lens to capture the close up of the peaks.

u can get a good view of nanda devi range, the peaks that surround nanda devi and panchchuli from this place. (in short - from nanda ghunti in the east to panchchuli in the west). after watchng the sunrise, we simply went back to our hut, took our luggage, got in the taxi, paid the kmvn ppl and were on our way again.

it was back to berinag, from where we rejoined the road to thal and munsyari. now the road is pretty much downhill, with lovely pine forests all around. at thal, u cross a river and also fill some this is the last petrol station on the way to munsyari. then u follow the river till a small village called qutee (ou kutee), via villages named tejam and nachani. from quetee you can see the khalia top (topmost peak of munsyari) and the famour birthi waterfalls. from quetee the road starts climbing sharply. they have laid out a new road on this path and it has become very good fror driving. a real pleasure and a must for those who like adventure driving. you cross the mountain at a pass with a small temple called kalamuni. from here the panchuli comes into view for the first time. the old saint at kalamuni had gone on a teerth yatra (religious pilgrimage) to some other distant temples in the mountains. in my opinion, kalamuni is one of the most beautiful temples in the world, better than the big ones in delhi, etc. the other best temples in the world are narayan ashram (in byans/vyans valley), nanda devi temple in martoli and the hunuman temple at kainchi. we stopped for a brief photo shoot at kalamuni, though i guess i was slightly disappointed to see the hills not as snow clad as i would have had expected. it had been a dry winter so far in 2007, with not much snow till february. then, after kalamuni, the road goes down again till it reaches munsyari..about 15 kms away. we had prebooked our rooms in the TRC.

in munsyari, we checked into the TRC and then went about sightseeing. The weather was a very mild version of winters (unfortunately), since it had mainly been a dry one so far. the snow was mainly on the peaks around panchchuli and some on the bugyals near was pretty similar to the snow that was around when i had come here in october 06.

the sunlight was pretty bright, so we took a nice nap in the gardens of kmvn trc. then we went down to bilju restaurant, where u get some momos (mind u, the quality of oil is not that good). they have a very very cute kid named aarti, who performed many dances (to show us that she is a better dancer than the ppl on the television). in fact, she keeps all the visitors to that restaurant entertained. they also have a bhotia dog who hangs around the restaurant. also, we had bought some buransh (rhododendron) juice in dhaulchinna...and it is a bit addictive. so momos, coupled with 10-15 glasses of buransh and a long journey totally zonked us off and we slept like logs through the night.

Image Hosted by the wall around nanda devi...7 peaks guard the biggest goddess in uttarakhand

Image Hosted by sunrise...guess we edited it just a bit tooo much

Image Hosted by
sunrise ....over the hills of nepal

Image Hosted by smira enjoying the view of kumaon for the first time.

Image Hosted by nanda khat

Image Hosted by nanda devi in her full glory

Image Hosted by an angel in the mountains :-)

Image Hosted by almoraboy is back where he belongs :-) :-) :-)
(remember the roads take me home..west kumaon, mountain high) ;-) ;-)

Image Hosted by all smiles after being back in the lap of the pahaad (hills)

Image Hosted by chaukori guest house

Image Hosted by cute doggy at chaukori

Image Hosted by view of cottages and hills before elaving chaukori

Image Hosted by smira catching on a nap in the car

Image Hosted by the road to munsyari (the place of snows)

Image Hosted by get up smira...let us take a few pics

Image Hosted by as we enter the johar valley, this si the sight that greets us....the majestic peak of the panchchulis

Image Hosted by wow..what a view

Image Hosted by the smaller peaks of the panchchulis

Image Hosted by taking a break at kalamuni temple

Image Hosted by cute doggies at kalamuni temple

Image Hosted by
a statue of the goddess durga ta the kalamuni temple

Image Hosted by cute puppies playing with each other

Image Hosted by
angel in fornt of the panchchuli peaks

Image Hosted by
the big panchchuli peak

Image Hosted by
the other panchchuli peaks

Image Hosted by this pic was taken with the smaller grab more of the landscape

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