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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Part 1.2 NA

pangu village

smira at pangu village. this stretch of the road is still decently maintained.

there were some boulders on the road. so while the pwd staff cleared them, we took a break.

resting and enjoying the peace

approaching narayan ashram

sunset over the indian peaks of chipla kedar

narayan ashram - we had to walk the last leg of the journey as the jeep could not go further

some very friendly dogs to welcome us

teaching a young dog some old tricks

the dogs seem to be saying.."welcome to narayan ashram". some snow over here....

narayan ashram - truly the most beautiful temple in the world

smira enjoying the surroundings

the photo session at narayan ashram started. we put our camera's tripod and the self timer to full use

even mr. doggy was interested in getting his picture taken. in the background is nepal. down below flows the kali river.

another pic with nepal in the background

dusk at narayan ashram

wow, ain't this a beautiful place...u got everything u can need - clean air, mountains, snow, forests, old style buildings, lovely fresh water and some cute dogs

sunset over nepal..that is the big api nama peak, going up to lamost 25000 feet

sunset over nepal

an angel in the hills :-)


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