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राजनीति नहीं, निर्णय करो, राजधानी गैरसैंण गोषित करो.....!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Part 1.4 NA

this is the area between chipla kedar peaks (to the left) and panchchuli peaks (to the right)

the mountains above dharchula

the ground of narayan ashram

early morning view from the ashram

angel is feeling the cold

even i am feeling cold....

wrestling match .... i win :-) :-) :-)

in the lap of cheed (pine) trees

today is a cloudy day .... tomorrow, it day after tomorrow, it will snow

chipla kedar peaks

now i turn the camera and these pics r of the peaks in nepal

the grounds around narayan ashram .. don't dare to play with a frisbee here

dark darkl's definitely gonna snow

wind power

"chilling" out

a little bit of sun...but not for long...

api nama is again getting hidden by the clouds

that is the shivling peak..behind it lies kalapani and the famous om parvat

the clouds are enveloping api nama peak..a low pressure zone is building all over himalayas (stupid keyboard)


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