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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Part 1.7 NA

Close up of the Api Nama peak in Nepal

Look at those jagged rocks...uff

Angel and Me :-)

Another view of Nepal's peaks

Buransh ka phool - Rhododendron flower (state flower of Uttarakhand)

Angel taking a break

the peaks on the Indian side .. leading upto Panchchuli

Peaks near Chipla Kedar

some more peaks on the Indian side

Chipla Kedar area - in summers there is a mela (festival/fair) over here..also, there are many small lakes in these meadows..of course, they will be frozen right now..

Maybe, next winter, I will try to go here..wil be cold but fun!!!!

The mountain is in the this wire, which is near the lens is blurred.

angel does not know that I am taking her pics

Clouds are gathering..a snowfall is on the way... :-)))


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