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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Part 6.7 - Munsyari Snow

the route to masar kund starts from here

a small stream besides the road had frozen over completely

this is the route to masar kund - which was all dry a few days back

gotta be careful while climbing these steps. one false mpve and you are gonna hurt yourself

it would have been exciting to visit the chiplakot bugyals at this time - wish we had more time

the leaves, laden with snow, will start dropping it when the sun comes out. the forests will be full of splat splotch sounds

angel is feeling the cold

still got to climb some more

view of munsyari town

the slopes are really loaded with snow

munsyari is covered with a blanket of snow now

we wanted to climb full way to the kund, but a second snowfall started. this forced us to change our plans and returnt ot he safety of the TRC


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