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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Part 6.8 - Munsyari Snow

taking a picture after reaching the main road

re entering Munsyari. This board seems to be correct - "Snow city Munsyari welcomes you"

Bhotia kukkur (doggy) enjoying in the snow

Now the weather was clearing up. Children started coming out and making snowmen

This is malla Johar (upper Johar).
the peak is Hansling

Sunset time, the clouds cleared a bit. This is the view of the mountans below Panchchuli

A strip of sunlight falling on the strip of clouds that cleared

The snow line reached the villages above Madkot

Really cool, eh?

We should have gone to check out the Nanda Devi temple after the snowfall...but could not do so. Hard luck.

There were some pretty awesome views at the time of sunset.

The sunlight falling on the snow was giving it different colours

This shot (and the ones below it) of the peaks was taken with a zoom lens

The smaller panchchuli peaks


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