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राजनीति नहीं, निर्णय करो, राजधानी गैरसैंण गोषित करो.....!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


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jijhaad house. in the olden days, the joshis from jijhaad village used to stay in this house. once upon a time it was the largest house in almora (after the king's palace, of course).

old nanda devi temple inside almora town

almora market - a place which is always bustling with activity. You can meet many old familiar faces over here.

Next day, early morning, we left almora for munsyari. the first major stop on theway was goljyu's temple in chitai (golu devta or golu maharaj, as he is also known as).

Goljyu is the god of justice. his temple is full of bellas and applications (many of them are on stamp paer)!!

This is a nice song on Goljyu maharaj (Golu devta), from the movie 'Megha Aa'. The music was by Gopal Babu Goswami (my favourite singer).


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