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Sunday, January 04, 2009


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The notice board on the tree reads ->
हाय. मुझे तथा मेरी बिरादरी को इस जकडन भरी जिंदगी से बचाइये. हम आपको स्वच्छ हवा, स्वच्छ पानी, तथा पशुओं को ढेर सारी चारा पत्ती देंगे. - आली बेदनी बुग्याल संरक्षण समिति
Translation -> Oh! Please save me and my brothers from this shackled life. We will give you pure air, pure water and lots of fodder for your animals. - Auli and Bedni bugyal preservation committee.

A little background on this -> Major Patwal had told me about a certain fungus growing on some plants in this region. He suspects that it effects the photosysthesis os these plants. So he is trying to get the FRI (Forest Research Institute, Dehradun) to help the bugyal preservation committee is removing this fungus growth from the plants. However, some bureaucrats in Nainital have blocked this request and asked for some concrete proof. they have also stated that this area remains snowbound at this time and so the fungus cannot be inspected. Snowbound??? Doesn't seem so to me - just another way for our bureaucrats to avoid work. So he had asked me to take the pics and give him the printouts, which he will combine with his report and send to FRI.

Now we reached रन की धार (Ran ki dhaar). Dhar = sword edge. It is the name for a ridge/saddle which comes after the Wan village. You get the first view of Trishul from over here and it was really clear.

The views from Ran ki dhaar are really clear. However, the scenery is pretty dry, as compared to my last trip.

Clear views of Trishul

We gotta climb down now...and then climb up again...phew!

this is a CLOSE UP OF Trishul taken from Ran ki dhaar. I had a really tough time keeping the tripod still with a twig :-)

Trishul in all its glory.

An eagle scanning the grounds for possible food.

Home -> Bedni winter trek -> Lohajung to Bedni Bugyal -> Part 6


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