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Sunday, January 24, 2010


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see it was so cold in the night .. that the water was frozen. now you have to really careful while walking, otherwise if u accidentally step on these ice patches ... zoooooom biff crash!!!

this was an almost 80 degree slope....and we had to climb it non stop for almost 3-4 kms. this was the toughest single climb to kurmthang. if i do not suffer from laziness pangs in the next few days, i will try to mark this route on google earth.

these were the most majestic forests i ever saw in my life ...

wow .... i fell in love with this place... the whole munsyari dharchula area rocks :-)


a photo session before lunch. my first pic with a real gun :-)

but we still have miles to climb

mighty cedar trees.. the sentinels of the himalayas (quote borrowed from V K Joshi) :-)


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