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राजनीति नहीं, निर्णय करो, राजधानी गैरसैंण गोषित करो.....!

Sunday, November 27, 2011


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Budjyu ... the oldest man in the village

Hiyan Singh (Dhauliya the hunter) with his grand daughter

These are the beautiful karandang bugyals above himkhola (mongong). Beyond them lise nasa murti. The famed keeda ghas (yartsa gambu or cordiceps) grows over here

Fields of mongong (Himkhola) village ready for the kartik month

gandhrayani - used for curing ailments related to nose, throat, etc

laee kee sabjee (kumoani vegetable)

entrance of himkhola (mongo / mongong) village

the gadhera (stream) at the entrance of the village


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