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Saturday, January 23, 2010


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It was a hastily arranged plan. reached lalkuan early in the morning, from lucknow. mr D.C Tiwari picked me up from Lalkuan. if anyone needs a good driver for the hills, you can contact mr. Tiwari here. He is a very careful driver and knows most of the routes in uttarakhand nicely. After watching 3 idiots twice, I was in a mood to climb nothing short of Mt. everest :-). However, gravity does pull you down to this real world pretty soon. The weather in kathgodam was very very foggy. However, it cleared up as soon as we reached the hills. In fact, the sunshine was awesome in the hills. It was a wonderful change form the bitter cold weather of Europe :-)

We stopped for the first pics near Kainchi ashram. Some kites/vultures were sitting in the trees near the road

This is a snap of the slightly clear snap. it was difficult to focus on these birds as they were hopping from branch to branch


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